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Yokie Tonsils (A Collection of Scottish Songs and Rhymes For Children) - Lilian Ross

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"Aye, I'll leave ye m'heid"! has been the stock answer given by Lilian when asked by teachers, children and workshop participants if she had anything to leave by way of written lyric or manuscript for the songs and rhymes she has been singing and passing on for many years. This wonderful book and CD collection of Scots songs and rhymes will stir family memories, spark interest and above all provide lots of fun, games and physical play at home, in childcare facilities and in school. It is a fantastic resource for teachers, providing cross curricular learning on Scots language, social history, geography and musicality.

The book has over 40 songs and rhymes and is split into 3 age group sections :

Wee Tooties (age 3 - 7)
The Bairns (age 7 - 9)
Loons an' Quines (age 9 - 13)

The accompanying CD features
Lilian Ross (vocals)
Gabe McVarish (fiddle)
Fraya Thomsen (harp)
David Adam (pipes, whistle, flute)
Gary Innes (accordion)

Price: 24.00