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Runrig and Paul Mounsey - Proterra

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This 2003 release from Runrig saw the band take a slightly new direction. Still as powerful and strong as ever but the collaboration with Paul Mounsey introduces a different feel. Mounsey's South American influences are evident throughout the album and when married to the compositional talents of Calum and Rory some interesting results are produced.

Brian Hurren (keyboards, vocals, guitar, drums), Rory MacDonald (guitar, vocals), Bruce Guthro (vocals, guitar), Calum MacDonald (vocals, percussion), Iain Bayne (drums) and Malcolm Jones (guitar, accordion, pipes) and Duncan Chisholm (fiddle).

Track Listing

The Old Boys
Day of Days
Empty Glens
Gabriel's Sword
From the North
An Toll Dubh
There's a Need
Faileas air an Airigh
Heading to Acadia
All the Miles
A Reiteach
Angel from the Ashes

Price: 13.99