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Liam O Maonlai - To Be Touched

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This is a very interesting piece of work from the Hothouse Flowers front man.
All but three of the songs on this album are improvised, recorded as they were written and simply arranged with mainly voice and piano.

"I was born into a house in Dublin. In that house was a piano. A black thing with white bone coloured keys. When I put my hand on it's black and white face, it made notes big and low, high and light. My father played in his own way. My mother had trained. Sometimes a babysitter would come and he or she would play. I would watch and collect tricks. Blues licks chords. One night I saw Keith Jarrett on TV. He played music out of nowhere. Complete compositions rose up from him like Aurorae of sound. Born there in that moment. Alive to that moment. Never before heard or even thought of. After being entranced by this music I went in to the piano in the next room. I played in the dark for more than two hours. It could have been for days. It was a deep place in myself and it felt wonderful. Bells ringing in me. Images born in a darkened room only the light of music to guide me. These songs are born out of that place. There are three pre-written songs. Two in the Irish, one in an old aboriginal language only used in song. The Aboriginal song is for the mimi rock spirits. All things have spirit and this is very much alive with the people of Arnhem land. The other songs are being born as you hear them. Written in a dark studio with tape rolling, I take a breath and leap into the unknown. There is imperfection here but I feel the rewards are worth the human fraility. I lay them before you. All that I am... " (Liam O'Maonlai)

Track Listing

To Be Touched
Way Up on a High Hill
What Do We Do Now
Worry Not
Siobhan Ni Dhuibhir
On My Mind
Mimi Dreaming Song
mhrain na Feidireachta

Price: 12.60